Monday, 26 February 2007

Operators must loosen the data stranglehold; open up traditional media to links; why youth matter

Jan Kuczynski brings us up-to-date on mobile flat-rate data charges and their importance, Nick Wright explains the impact of citizen journalism on traditional media and Savka reiterates the importance of the youth market for mobile in light of Ajit Joakar's recent attack on the need for a "mobile youth" report.

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Monday, 19 February 2007

Bryan Stockwell from Mobile Commerce on the importance of mobile search

Bryan Stockwell from Mobile Commerce tells us why mobile search is so important to driving mobile content uptake with mainstream consumers.

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Gabriel from MyStrands on the importance of knowing your consumer

Gabriel Aldamiz-echevarria from MyStrands explained the concept behind his company's offering and talked us through PartyStrands - a party companion for your mobile phone. I got to try out the PartyStrands experience myself at Swedish Beers later on that evening.

Listen to the interview here.

JumpTap talk mobile search

JumpTap's Eric McCabe joined us for an interview and gave us a background of JumpTap's white-label mobile search offering as well as his thoughts on the future evolution of the mobile search market.

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What's the future for image recognition on mobiles? Mark Wright shares his thoughts

Image recognition offers some exciting possibilities for future mobile services. Mark Wright, Research Director at Mobile Acuity tells us about their company's image recognition technology and his vision for the cameraphone in the future.

Listen to the interview here.

Rani Wellingstein of Celltick on making the idle screen less idle

Celltick is a UK-based company which aims to make the idle screen less idle, working to help consumers discover new mobile content and for marketers to connect with consumers. Rani Wellingstein came by to give us an overview on their company and some interesting info as to how Celltick is being used as a tsunami alert system in Asia.

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